Thursday, January 27, 2011

22 Bizarre & Ugly Creatures in the World

Have you seen the Worlds Ugliest Dog television show on the Animal Planet? The show with the wrinkly,overweight,big,small,no hair dog. It is certain that there are other peculiar creatures and not just the dogs we see on television. It is amazing how distinctive many creatures are in the world. Many that are strange enough to have you guessing,what is that? What does it do? Will I be its dinner? Here are a few you rarely would see outside your home. You may not see any of these in your lifetime,unless you are traveling abroad. They are out there, broaden your horizons and research these bizarre and ugly creatures of the world.

22. Frilled Shark

 21. Pink Dragon Millipede Spider

20. Unusual two-headed snake

19. Blob Fish

18. Yeti Crab

17. Komondor Dog

16. Angola Rabbit

15. Hag Fish

14. Star Nosed Mole

13. Proboscis Monkey

12. Aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis)

11. Axolotl-(Mexican neotenic mole salamanders)

10. Tarsier

9. Sucker-footed Bat

8. Water Bowl

7. MataMata Turtle

6. Monk Fish

5. Hairless Mole

4. Chimaera Fish
3. Stone Fish

2. Purple Frog

1. Pelochelys Cantori( soft flat shelled turtle)  

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